Why our clients let their employees use their own devices for work

With our existing clients we find more and more employees working from their personal devices. I imagine this is the same in your business. It is called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and is getting very popular in modern business.

There are many benefits from letting your employees work from their own device.

  • They get to work on a device they like and are familiar with reducing training costs.
  • They are not tied down to working exclusively in the office. Work that was done in the office can now be done wherever they are.
  • It costs less as the employee does not require your business to provide a device.
  • Its generally more secure as employees are more likely to take care of a device they own.

Google Apps for Business has a host of built in security features that allow your business to easily grant and revoke access to company data on personal devices. Devices can be encrypted, remotely wiped and blocked if they get lost or stolen. Keeping your business date secure at all times. 

With Android devices you are able to do selective wiping if a device is mislaid. With selective wiping all business data is removed and personal data is left in place. This also becomes useful if an employee leaves the business.

Letting employees use their own devices for work can also reduce IT Support costs as we find employees using their own device are more familiar with how it operates and consequently run into less support issues.