My top 4 reasons to choose Kimbley IT

Take it from a client - working with Kimbley IT is different. Here’s why...

When you're choosing an IT services supplier, you may think you're choosing between a rock and a hard place. If you've suffered punishing contracts and tech gibberish from sandal wearing weirdos who have no idea what it means to run a business, you’re right to be wary.

Previously, I worked for a company that benefits from Kimbley IT support, and I really believe Kimbley IT is different. I think their service is second to none. I've never known such helpful, friendly (and above all, quick!) IT support. They understand that the true role of IT is to help businesses choose technology that enables employees and facilitates growth.

Here are my top four reasons for choosing Kimbley IT: 

It’s more about the person than the tech.

The Kimbley IT team take a relaxed view of what people do with their computers. Many companies have strict IT policies and rules. But at its best, technology should be a tool that helps people collaborate and be creative.

Everyone is different, so it’s not a good idea to tie people to one way of working. Employees should be able to use any device, anywhere they like, in a style that they like. (Google agrees.)

Kimbley IT won The Theo Paphitis Small Business award in Jan 2015.

Kimbley IT won The Theo Paphitis Small Business award in Jan 2015.

This allows employees to interact, create and hack things that help them to work more efficiently. Interestingly, with more freedom, employees don't have to battle their way around artificial barriers - which makes everyone a lot happier and less likely to start a tech rebellion (no really - this can actually happen!)

Employees learn something new. 

The best example of this is Google Apps. Most Kimbley IT clients have never used Google Apps before - some hate it passionately at first. Not because it's bad, but because it’s a change. Initially, they'd default to Microsoft Office in a heartbeat. 

But looking at the bigger picture: what’s the point of using software you already know how to use? By discovering Google Apps, employees are learning a valuable new life skill. 

Kimbley IT pushes clients to choose the best software to help their business grow - not just the easiest option, or what they first asked for. This puts Kimbley IT above your average supplier - they are trusted business advisors, passionate in efficiently growing your business. 

Focus on a small client portfolio.  

The Kimbley IT team are really picky about who they work with. They only work with businesses that are fun, young and growing as they know them well and can provide good technology assistance. Clients have to be forward thinking - ready to take Richard Branson’s "Screw it, let’s do it" approach. 

Innovation of services. 

Gamification is Kimbley IT’s most exciting current project. Every month, employees at all Kimbley IT clients are encouraged to suggest new low or no-cost tech ideas that improve the way they work to win an experience voucher. 

It’s a great way to find out from the people actually using technology how businesses can become more efficient. With the support and assistance offered by Kimbley IT, companies can grow very quickly - the client I worked for grew from a 6 to a 32-man-band in a few years - which would have not been possible without the correct IT.


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About the author

Lucy Busuttil previously worked for a client of Kimbley IT for three years. A former technophobe, she has been transformed into a Kimbley IT evangelist!