5 reasons you should move your business accounts to the cloud.

Here at Kimbley IT we firmly believe in the power of the Cloud for giving businesses access to flexible, cost-effective tools that help them compete effectively. One such tool we strongly recommend is Xero, a fully-fledged accounts system which is delivered online, rather than installed on your work PC. But why do we think it’s so great?

Any time any place access to your accounts data

Xero stores all your data securely in the cloud , and you access the application through your web browser – just like you would when writing a document using Google Drive. Everything you need to keep track of your quotes, invoices, bank balance and more is at your fingertips.

Better still, this approach means that you can manage your accounts from any device – perfect for when you work from multiple sites, or don't maintain a central office. Or you need to work at the weekend and don't fancy coming back to the office at all.

Accounting data is backed up to the cloud

Your company data is an extremely valuable asset and you need to protect it against theft or loss (HMRC are particularly unforgiving when you can't produce your company accounts). With traditional installed accountancy packages backing up data is never quite as simple as it should be, messing around with tapes and disks and trying to find somewhere safe to store them. 

Xero makes the whole process seamless by ensuring your data is stored securely in the Cloud. The license subscription also provides comprehensive backup services. Everything is taken care of automatically, freeing you to focus on running your business.

It's always up-to-date 

Every year HMRC makes some tweaks to Corporation Tax or PAYE that requires an accounts system update. Normally this means trying to schedule an engineer to come and perform the upgrade for you before year end – and there’s never a convenient appointment available.

Not so with Xero. All upgrades are carried out seamlessly in the background, with no downtime. And because it’s all in the Cloud, there’s no need for arranging any onsite visits to install software.

Mobile app support and integrations

Time is money, so you need to make the most of one, to make more of the other. Xero comes with a handy smartphone app that allows you to manage your finances on the move. Raise or pay invoices whenever and wherever you have a few minutes free, and help keep your company cash flow moving. The app also allows you to record expenses on the go, attaching photographed receipts to ensure you never miss another tax-deductible expenditure again. 

Xero offers a huge number of integrations with other cloud services such as Google Drive. You no longer need to cut and paste or duplicate data in many different programs. With a couple of clicks you can have data from other services connected with Xero in  real time.

Simple sharing with your accountant

The anytime, anywhere access provided by Xero is particularly useful when it comes time to share data with your accountant. No more dodgy Excel exports or costly site visits, your accountant can just login from their own office to perform year end calculations. Xero makes their job easier (and hopefully helps lower their costs!), by giving them the information they need to help keep the Tax Man off your back. 

Interested? You'd best get in contact with us to discuss how Xero can help your business manage it accounts better.