G Suite User Deletion Policy

This is our G Suite User Deletion Policy that applies to all our clients. When a user leaves your business, you might want to delete their G Suite account. You should look at this list of considerations before requesting a user deletion. Once we receive a request to delete a users account the following will take place:

- Upon your request we will start the deletion process.  This is a permanent and irreversible process.

- If specified by you we will initiate a transfer of the users Google Drive data to a new owner.

- If specified by you we will initiate a transfer of emails to a new owner.

- No other data will be transferred. In addition you can independently download a copy of the users data.

- You may wish to transfer any other third party, G Suite Marketplace or non-core services connected to the account such as YouTube, Google Analytics to a new user. We are unable to do this. This must be done before the account is suspended and/or deleted.

Once the account is deleted any remaining data associated with the account will be permanently and irreversibly deleted.