This is our default G Suite User Deletion Policy that applies to all our clients. When a user leaves your business, you might want to delete their G Suite account. You should look at this list of considerations before requesting a user deletion. Once we receive a request to delete a users account the following will take place:

  • The user's account will be suspended for a period of time.
  • We will block and disconnect devices connected to the account via the Device Policy app.
  • We will initiate a transfer of the users complete Google Drive data to the new owner.
  • We will initiate a transfer (if requested) of emails to the new owner.
  • We will initiate a transfer (if requested) of shared calendars to the new owner.
  • You will need to transfer any other third party, G Suite Marketplace or non-core services connected to the account such as Youtube, Google Analytics to a new user. We are unable to do this. This must be done before the account is suspended and/or deleted.

Once deleted you have four days to reverse the deletion by informing the Kimbley IT Help Desk of such request. After the four days have passed the account and any remaining data associated with the account will be permanently and irreversibly deleted.