How to list all email addresses and aliases in your G Suite account.

Update March 2019: Google seems to have removed this functionality from the G Suite Admin Panel. We are not sure if this is temporary or permanent.

If your business uses G Suite for email, you may wish to view a table of all your email addresses and aliases and to which user they are associated. 

Gmail Email Addresses and Aliases in use

Here is how you can quickly generate a list for you showing all your email address and aliases in use:

  1. Log in as an administrator for your G Suite account at

  2. Navigate to Apps

  3. Click on G Suite

  4. Click on Gmail

  5. Select Email addresses

You should now see a table showing all email addresses and aliases in use.

Please note: that the view does not include group email addresses, to view these in the admin console you need to go to the "Groups" section. Thanks Joe Cerro for pointing this out.