Moving To Google Apps Increases Productivity for Tomorrow People


Tomorrow People a leading European inbound marketing agency based in Birmingham provide their global client base with inbound content marketing,  lead generation, lifecycle marketing and PR services. 

The Challenge

As a company which relies heavily on technology, Tomorrow People were becoming increasingly frustrated with the restrictions that their traditional IT infrastructure - which consisted of servers and Windows PC’s - gave them. “As a fast growing company, the time it took to train new members of staff on how to use these systems was a problem” said Director Alistair Norman. “Buying inflexible licenses and expensive new PC’s every time we took on a new employee was also causing us cash-flow concerns”.

Moving to a more flexible Google based IT was the right step, but Tomorrow People felt uncomfortable with their lack of in-house technical expertise and knowledge of the market needed to migrate to a more modern, cutting edge IT infrastructure.

“Although we rely heavily on IT, we are not IT people” shares Alistair. “Did we bring someone in-house to do our IT or outsource?”. “We wanted somebody who felt like a part of the team” he concluded.


“We started working with Kimbley IT around 3 years ago when we were smaller. They have been able to support us during our growth. We’re now a 30 man business and it feels like Kimbley IT are part of the in-house team, able to support us.” says Alistair Norman.

“We looked at several IT suppliers before choosing Kimbley IT. We selected Kimbley IT because they offered commitments in terms of pricing, support and they were highly credible and came recommended. They offered us a forward-thinking view for our business which other IT providers could not. In short, choosing Kimbley IT was a no-brainer” says Norman.

The flexibility and lower cost of implementing and maintaining Google Apps has provided exponential benefits to the Tomorrow People business. “Quite simply it helps us work in a much more collaborative approach” shares Norman.

The results

What has moving to Google Apps and partnering with Kimbley IT meant to Tomorrow People Director Alistair Norman? “Kimbley IT helps me as a business owner by removing the headaches. We have often needed someone to react rapidly, and Kimbley IT are very responsive. I just don’t have to worry about our technology being taken care”.

“We’ve also been able to show real value to our clients. Google Apps has freed up our time and energy by removing the headaches of working with traditional IT and to focus on working with our clients more closely. We can collaborate on documents in real time, send Instant Messages. We’ve extended this approach to our entire client base.”

What has the rest of the business thought about the move to Google Apps and working with Kimbley IT? “Our employees think the tools we now use are simple, very user friendly and are easy to adopt for anyone new joining our business. It helps us get to a high level of productivity very quickly.”