Android Security 2015 A Year in Review

At Kimbley IT, we use Google Cloud as the backbone for the majority of our services offered to clients. Google has built a trusted and industry leading reputation when it come to securing your business data. With $B of investments spent every year by Google to continuously improve their security practices and services, it makes sense to use them as your cloud backbone that your business services can get built around. 

Android, is an essential part of Google Cloud Platform and is the most popular mobile platform with more than 1.4 billion users globally. The video below in conjunction with the report (linked below) details how Google keeps Android secure to make it the ideal and safest mobile platform for your business.

The accompanying report goes into detail showing you the high levels of security you get with Android. Download the report and share it with your team to read about how Android's security features can help your business keep its data secure while letting employees easily access their data while out of the office.