Your business documents and data could be under attack. Would you know?

Everywhere you look there’s a new horror story about malware, scammers and hackers stealing money and data, and leaving their targets facing financial ruin. The problem is that this sensationalist reporting anaesthetises us to what is a genuine problem – cybercrime is on the increase (even if generalised malware attacks are down), and the effects can be devastating for SMEs.

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance then – and it actually begins outside your company network.

Stopping trouble at the gateway

In the same way that a nightclub bouncer is trained to identify potential troublemakers before they can get through the door, the best way to protect against IT problems is to catch them before they reach your network.

Filtering nasty content

Enhanced Internet Security by Kimbley IT configures your business network, desktop PCs and mobile devices to direct Internet traffic via a cloud based threat detection and prevention system (SECaaS) .This service checks all network activity against a constantly updated list of known threats such as compromised websites, blocking requests that may have been initiated by cyber hackers, or which are unsuitable for work.

Using this service, your business can:

  • Block malware, ransomware and viruses from spreading, or from sending your company data offsite. This filtering also greatly reduces the risk of viruses spreading themselves inside your network.
  • Prevent employees from being tricked into handing over sensitive information like user names, passwords and bank details.
  • Ensure that workers stay focused on job-related tasks and are not exposed to unrelated content, like porn, gambling or even social networking (depending on your corporate guidelines and policies).
  • Prevent workers from engaging in illegal online activities, whether intentional or not (like watching BBC live streams without a TV license for instance).
  • Control the growth of shadow IT - where employees have downloaded or installed programs on their devices that may not be approved by the business.

The Enhanced Internet Security by Kimbley IT service is intended to balance the protective burden of the employer with the data access needs of the user, ensuring everyone is kept safe in the process. Employers can find themselves on the wrong end of claims when employees misuse company IT resources; content filtering can reduce these risks and the reputational damage attached to misuse. 

We also install a mobile client on all your business laptops to keep employees safe when they are  out and about. And if there are specific resources that you want to block, the Kimbley team can create a custom blacklist to moderate access.

A powerful productivity analysis tool

Enhanced Internet Security by Kimbley IT also provides powerful reporting tools that record the web traffic passing through your network. You can then use this information to analyse how the Internet is used by your business and to identify potential network problems that could be slowing your business down:

  • Where employees are spending inordinate amounts of time on certain sites.
  • The use of shadow IT for business purposes that needs to be investigated and approved.
  • Unusual requests that may indicate a malware infection or misconfiguration that needs to be addressed.

Enhanced Internet Security by Kimbley IT is a powerful, cost-effective tool for protecting your business and employees, blocking malware and questionable content long before it reaches your corporate network. In this way Kimbley IT can help reduce the drain on your internal resources, keeping your IT running costs as low as possible, and freeing up cash for investment elsewhere in your business.