Fact Vs Fiction: The Importance to your Business Of choosing an Industry Specialist IT Support Partner

IT is central to your business operations, you know its important that your employees are not wasting time fighting with IT that is not a match for their needs. Or worse still, dealing with an IT support provider that does not have the specialist knowledge to really innovate your business. So, choosing the right support partner is a crucial strategic decision. Pick the wrong provider and you may find that your business fails to meet its growth targets or has problems delivering on customer expectations which will cost your business time and money.

One way to ensure you are partnering with the right IT support services provider is by choosing one with specialism in your industry. Here are three facts and one myth about industry specialist IT support.

FACT - They understand your unique challenges

The fact that different industries work in different ways is fairly obvious. Project-based marketing is completely different to service-based recruitment for instance. It is also fairly logical that the challenges faced by these companies are totally different.

An industry specialist IT support provider will already have encountered many of the common problems your business faces, allowing them to better tailor their offerings to your specific issues. Your partnership will be able to “hit the ground running”, rather than getting bogged down in the initial stages as a less-experienced provider struggles to adapt their offering to your industry.

FACT - They understand how to mould technology to your needs

Although there may be industry-specific hardware and software options available, there are also generic alternatives to consider that tend to be much cheaper to purchase and maintain. An industry specialist IT support partner can advise which is the right choice and combination to support your business goals.

An experienced provider will also have the knowledge and skills required to adapt off-the-shelf products to meet your work processes, or to introduce new alternatives that revolutionise productivity. Solutions like Google Apps not only slash costs, but also increase the possibilities for remote working for example – but you need a specialist to realise the greatest benefits.

FACT - They know how to build for the future

Supporting your current IT infrastructure is probably something any generalist IT company can do. An industry specialist will look at ways of building for the future success of your business however. 

By combining what they know of your industry, your strategic goals and technology-specific knowledge, a specialist IT support provider will be able to build a system that enhances your operations now and provides a platform on which to build for greater productivity in future.

FICTION – They are over-priced

Undeniably, high street vendors are often cheaper than specialist support partners for one-off repair jobs. However these low costs only serve to emphasise the fact that these providers are only equipped to deal with generalised problems.

Investing in top-quality industry-specialist support ensures that specific challenges and problems are met with specific solutions geared towards your specific needs. Partnering with a specialist is about improving operations, rather than simply solving, problems.
Investing in the future

Ultimately choosing an industry-specific support partner such as Kimbley IT is an investment in the future of your business. As well as getting the technical assistance you need, their experience will help you turn technology into a strategic asset, rather than just another tool.