Who Are The best IT Support companies in Birmingham? Here’s the list.

On a day-to-day basis, Kimbley IT speak with businesses in the Birmingham and surrounding areas to answer their questions about IT Support.

At Kimbley IT we proudly focus on only working with entrepreneurial businesses who love being on the cutting edge, using tools such as G Suite to improve collaboration and productivity. We appreciate that this isn't for everyone and we’re up very front about that. Yet because we’re well known for IT Support in Birmingham, we’re often asked who are some of the other IT Support companies in the region that specialise in areas of IT we don’t.

We get on well and have a great deal of respect for our fellow IT support companies in Birmingham, and so here is a list of some of the IT companies who have a solid reputation:

Abussi have been around for some 20 years Abussi have a fantastic track record. They specialise in hybrid cloud technologies with a focus on Dropbox for Business integrations. 

CSCM is based in Oldbury, CSCM offers IT solutions that can be utilised as part of an overall business strategy, for one-off projects or for specific business needs.

Compex IT are based in Birmingham and have a modern view of IT support with a specialism in Office 365. It is worth following them on Twitter where they put out a lot of tech news content.

DataSystems located in Cannock, Staffs, DataSystems are well known for being very good at deploying  and managing network installations.

Superfast IT based in the Black Country, Superfast IT specialises in quick response for business who use Microsoft technologies with between 10 and 100 users. 

Vanti are an award-winning Smart Building, Audio-Visual & IT consultancy, Vanti help businesses to integrate audio visual solutions and have a strong interest in smart buildings.

So there are six companies that you might consider if you’re looking for advice on your IT. As we’ve stated many times before, your business will gain a competitive advantage if you use a good IT Support company and above all, avoid DIY IT. Hopefully, by using one of the companies above, your experience will be a good one.