Case Study: JP Digital uses Google Apps for Work to Find and Place Digital Talent Quicker.

JP Digital are a recruitment agency with offices in Birmingham and London. Specialising in placing the best digital candidates with the best companies, JP Digital work with a diverse range of clients from niche boutiques to big bustling agencies that need to recruit their expert teams.


While traditionally, technology has been seen as a "necessary evil" by many recruitment companies - JP Digital have fully embraced the competitive advantage cloud technology gives them to connect the right people with the best digital jobs.

JP Digital had been using Microsoft® Server 2003 and Windows XP but ran into problems keeping these old systems functioning which resulted in some bad outages. After looking into costings, JP Digital decided that it was too expensive to keep purchasing Microsoft upgrades. And that another approach needed to be found.


Managing Director Peter Rainbow contacted Birmingham-based Google Apps for Work Authorised Reseller, Kimbley IT after being recommended by a fellow Kimbley client. 

“We liked the Google solution proposed by Kimbley IT” said Rainbow. “It gave us the flexibility and features we needed without the capital expenditure we were used to making with traditional IT”.

The migration of JP Digital to Google Apps took just a single weekend. “All of our company data was transferred to Google Apps which allowed our employees to return to work on Monday without any interruption” explains Rainbow.

With two separate offices JP Digital also needed a way for their employees to be able to access all their data whether in the office, at home, visiting clients or interviewing candidates. With a standard user interface and true cloud services, Google Apps fitted the bill.

The teams found Google Apps to be really easy to pick up. With plenty of guidance and a full revision history if a mistake is made.

Gmail was the initial attraction to Google Apps. But, since moving to Google Apps both the London and Birmingham office solely use Google Drive to create new documents and spreadsheets which can then be shared out and collaborated on throughout the organisation.

With the massive amount of emails received by the company every day from candidates and clients. JP Digital needed a way to manage their inboxes. Priority inbox has been fantastic in surfacing important emails that need a response. Allowing JP to respond quicker than ever before to clients and candidates.

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