Yesware – Improving the Effectiveness of Your Emails

“I’ll just be five minutes.”
“Yes, I have read the terms and conditions.”
“Your cheque is in the post.”
“Oh sorry, your email ended up in my spam filter.”

You’ve heard all of these lines used before, and often they are completely true. But how can you tell for sure?

With so much of modern business communications taking place via email, you need to know that your messages are not only getting to their destination, but that they are also being read. Messages that are delayed or unopened could result in lost contracts or service failings, directly affecting profitability. Proposals, invoices or customer support follow-ups must reach their intended recipient.

Which is why any tool that can reassure you messages are being delivered is a welcome addition to your workflow.

Introducing Yesware

Yesware is a Google Apps Gmail add-on designed to do one main job – to tell you when your email has been opened by the recipient. A handy little pop-up in your Gmail window tells you:

  • Who opened the message and at what date and time.
  • Whether they opened any attachments.
  • Which links they clicked in your email.

Yesware allows you to better understand the who, the what and the when of your email. You can even see when and to whom your message was forwarded.

Ultimately you’ll never be left wondering whether your message was read or not.

Applying those insights

It is not uncommon to email someone a document in advance of an explanatory phone call – but making the call before the document is read is counterproductive. Yesware can tell you when the attachment has been opened and, by implication, when your recipient is sat at their desk. 

And when it comes to payment time, Yesware can assure you that your invoice was not only received, but that your recipient opened and read both message and attachment. You should then be able to tell if an invoice really was lost, or whether the recipient has simply delayed opening it.

The fire-and-forget nature of email means that you often send a time-sensitive message and simply assume it has been delivered. Yesware provides tools that allow you to create intelligent workflows to prevent messages falling through the cracks. You can configure alerts that prompt you to follow-up messages that have not been opened within a specified timeframe for instance.

The click-management nature of Yesware is also useful for assessing the performance of email marketing campaigns. Mail merge features allow you to create up to 200 personalised messages that can be bulk sent to promote your goods and services. You can then monitor each click to assess which parts of the message worked had the greatest effect on your readers. You can then use these observations to improve future messages and campaigns.

For businesses looking to gain even greater control of their corporate email, Yesware provides a simple, yet powerful solution.

But wait, there’s more!

Yesware is a product under constant development. As well as offering Gmail integration, there is also an Outlook plugin available to provide the same email management functionality for users of that email client. There’s even a Salesforce integration option allowing you to pass data about visited links and opened emails into your CRM system, or to pull contact details back out for email marketing. 

If you’d like to know more about Yesware and how your business might benefit specifically, contact us. We’re always happy to provide help and advice, and we’ll even help to install and configure the plugins, and train you in how to set-up your own workflows to get more from the system.