4 reasons why your business should finally make the move to Gmail

Changing your email feels like a trial of Hercules, but it's worth it to join Gmail. Here are four advantages.

Hey you - yes you! Are you that person who’s been on the same phone contract for 15 years? Always use the same locker at the gym and the same parking space at Sainsbury’s?  It’s time to make a change and move to Gmail! It’s free for individuals - and Gmail for Business is only £30 per user per year. We know change is never easy, but trust us - Gmail will make your 9-5 easier and more fun. 


Here are our four reasons to make the move:

Seamless integration

Gmail offers seamless integration with Google Calendar and instant access to Google Hangouts, Google’s instant messaging and video chat software. 

You can read more about how Google Hangouts will transform the way you work here. But in brief - Google has made it easy to access all the tools you need to collaborate with colleagues in one place. Gmail is a one stop shop - whether you need to draft an email, drop a quick instant message to a colleague or organise a full video meeting with a supplier or client. (And those conversations are stored for your reference.) It’s so intuitive, you’ll wonder how you lived without these instant channels of communication. 

For me, this is perhaps the number one reason to choose Google Apps for your business - everything you need to work effectively is in one place. Then when you’re ready, a host of Gmail add-ons are available which bring cool new functionality. 


Google makes it super easy to file your emails into ‘Tabs’. In fact, Google has become the enemy of spammers everywhere - because spam is tidied up for you. 

(Of course, it’s easy to find out more about the free viagra samples when you want to - but you’re not interrupted while you work.) 

I love to put my work life into Tabs and labels - for certain people, projects or clients. It’s not the same as actually being in control, but it sure makes me feel better. 

You’re online

If you’re working from home, or on a different computer, you’ll enjoy a completely consistent Gmail user experience. And you should feel reassured that, with Gmail, you’re accessing your data over a secured SSL-encrypted connection.

Because its business tools are online, Google is constantly tweaking and improving its Apps in real time - in fact, you’ll often see quick user surveys popping up in Gmail when Google is trialing new features. So Gmail software is up-to-date to the second and you’re learning to use it as you go along - rather than stumbling at upgrade time.

Which leads to another advantage... 

It’s backed up

Because Gmail is online with significant storage space - Gmail provides an unlimited amount of storage space - your emails are saved even if your hard drive goes down. Of course, businesses should still backup. Kimbley IT’s Google Apps package includes a backup solution which covers everything - email, docs the lot. 


Migration is easy - and using Gmail is so intuitive you won’t need training.

However, the right IT support can help you navigate: 

  • Choosing the best pricing plan for you.
  • Overcoming security issues.
  • Backing up effectively.

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About the author

Lucy Busuttil previously worked for a client of Kimbley IT for three years. A former technophobe, she has been transformed into a Google evangelist!