The technophobe's guide to Google Calendar

Easily create and invite people to events. This beginner's guide to Google calendar, using a series of screenshots, will make it easy to understand the benefits.

Regular readers will know that what we love about G Suite is how the tools work together. With Google Drive, Docs, Hangouts and Gmail, you’ve got everything your team needs to work effectively together.

Compared to complicated software licenses, in-house IT server systems and expensive equipment, Google business tools are a breath of fresh air for multinationals and startups alike.

Today, I’m going to show you, one of Google’s many business tools which is about to make your life easier. Here’s how:

Sharing calendars

Like all Google tools, it’s easy to collaborate in real time using Google Calendar. At the click of a button you can see who’s free for your meeting and which meeting room you can use.

Of course, if you don't want your colleagues to know every time you host a job interview or go to the doctor, you can choose more private settings - which show when you're busy, but not why.

‘Find a time’ and ‘Suggested times’

Anyone who’s ever organised a meeting knows the nightmare of herding cats getting several busy people in the same room at once. The ‘find a time’ function gives an at-a-glance view of who’s free. The ‘Suggested times’ function generates a list of options for you.

Convincing that guy in Accounts who prefers meetings on Monday and Tuesday mornings to join you on Friday afternoon at 5:29? Google Calendar can’t help you with that. 

Google Calendar is online 

You can view the calendar from any location, on any device - even checking the meeting location as you jump into a cab at the train station. 

This comes with a host of advantages, of course - you haven’t lost your life if you suffer hard drive failure. And updates are immediate, making planning events with several participants easier.

Google Calendar is supported on Android-based smartphones and iOS devices such as the iPhone. Event reminders can even be sent via text message.


If you type ‘meeting’ or times and dates into Gmail, the ‘Add to calendar’ button is immediately displayed. Gmail updates with details like who’s attending and who can’t make it, so you don’t have to keep switching tools.

And if you’re like us - completely addicted to Google Hangouts - you’ll be delighted to discover that it’s easy to schedule a video Google Hangout from your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar can also use Google Sync to synchronise with Microsoft Outlook and WordPress - convenient when you're ready to promote your events.


Google Calendar is easy to use. But the right IT support company could help your team:

  • Integrate Google Calendar with other tools.
  • Help users get the most out of the tools.
  • Replace expensive scheduling solutions.

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About the author

Lucy Busuttil previously worked for a client of Kimbley IT for three years. A former technophobe, she has been transformed into a Google evangelist!