How your solar PV business can increase efficiency and lower costs with G Suite.

For most of your employees, a day at the office involves working on site, visiting clients, overseeing installation or maintenance of solar cells - they’re constantly on the go.

Getting access to their business email, appointments and documents while on the go, can be challenging with Microsoft Office 365 and other productivity suites. G Suite by Kimbley IT can help by letting your employees access and edit all their documents, emails and appointments on their mobile device.

So how would you and your solar PV business benefit from cloud-based IT?

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Increasing efficiency, lowering costs

Using G Suite, your business can store its essential data in the Cloud, making it accessible to your staff at anytime, any place using virtually any device. Google Apps is a lot like Microsoft Office, but it’s much more flexible while still being compatible with Office. With a much lower total cost of ownership compared to Office.

Do you have a key document that frequently changes, like a parts price list? Using Google Drive your team can access the document whenever they need it, on any device, saving head office time and effort emailing copies back and forth to installers and the sales team.

More importantly still, you will never have the problem of quotes being generated from an outdated price list again because everyone has instant access to the most up-to-date information.

Saving time and cutting phone bills

The immediate availability of information means that any of your onsite team can access key documents themselves – so there’s no need to ring head office asking them to chase down a particular detail because they can find it themselves using their smartphone. Fewer calls mean lower phone bills – and your admin team can get on with the other tasks they are supposed to be doing instead of fielding basic calls.

It’s a two-way process

As well as being able to read information from key company documents, remote workers can also write them. Creating a new customer quote is as simple as filling out the relevant template and sharing the document. And with no need to return to the office to complete paper, there is less chance of mistakes creeping in as remote workers can capture everything while it is still fresh. And the client gets their quote immediately.

Google Drive also allows your team to work on the same document at the same time. Onsite installation engineers can work with their counterparts back at the office to draw up schemes of work, or project documentation without the need to arrange meetings when everyone is back at the office. You can even simplify the data collection process using Google Forms to create a checklist to complete for every solar PV installation.

Collaborative tools ensure that every action is undertaken using the collective knowledge and experience of your whole team, significantly improving project outcomes and avoiding common pitfalls caused by a lack of information availability.

Reducing repeat visits

G Suite isn’t just about email, appointment management and shared documents, though. Google Hangouts is an invaluable conferencing tool that allows your employees to talk directly, or even take part in a video call right from their laptop or mobile device.

For example, rather than trying to describe problems, or emailing blurry photographs to each other, a quick video call allows your installers to see what a the particular problem is, and to supply advice and guidance. This reduces the time required to fix problems, by doing away with the need for a second level engineer to make a site visit; the engineer at the site can be guided through any necessary fixes or repairs immediately. And a first-time fix makes for far happier customers.

Simplifying IT lowers costs further still

Conceivably your solar PV business could implement similar systems at head office, but you will need significant capital investment in infrastructure and software to make it happen. Then there are the costs of managing and maintaining a collection of disparate systems that don’t quite “talk” to each other correctly.

More efficient and cost-effective, choosing G Suite backed by a support agreement from Kimbley IT provides a seamless transfer of data between workers – each app is specially designed to integrate neatly, simplifying data sharing between workers, wherever they may be.

Find out how your solar PV business can benefit from Cloud IT.

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