How to access your G Suite account when you can't get your 2 step verification code.

Here at Kimbley IT we manage hundreds of users through our G Suite Partner service. It is not uncommon for end-users to loose or damage their mobile phones. Preventing them from receiving or generating a verification code needed to access their Google account.

Alternative ways to get a 2 step verification code.

When this does happen you may find yourself unable to access your Google account as you're are unable to retrieve or generate a two-step verification code either through text messaging or the Google Authenticator app.

However, there are back up options available to retrieve or generate a verification code to access your account. When on the Google verification code screen select "Try another way to sign in".

This will give you a number of alternative ways to get a code. Options include getting the code sent as a text to another mobile you have access too. Using a backup code or having a automated voice call to a land line number. Please be aware these options are only available if you have previously set them up in your Google Account.

If for some reason your are still unable to get a verification code (you've not set up any backup options on your account - do so as soon as you regain access!) you can always contact your G Suite security administrator in your organisation who can generate a backup code for you to use. This is not the quickest option and you will need to wait for them to get back to you. You're far better off setting up your backup options in advance so that you can regain access to your account immediately!