How to add your WorkflowMax Calendar to Google Calendar

If you are a WorkflowMax user, you may find it useful to have your WorkflowMax calendar appear in your Google Calendar. This how you do it.

Find your WorkflowMax personal calendar address.

Firstly, you need to get your personal calendar address from WorkflowMax. You can get this address by going to this page and scrolling to the bottom. You will find a section called Global Feeds. You need to right click on the iCalendar link and in Chrome select "Copy link address".

To add your WorkflowMax calendar to Google Calendar

Now you have the address for your WorkflowMax calendar it can now get added to your Google Calendar.

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Under the "Other calendars" section click on the small drop-down arrow.
  • Select "Add by URL"
  • In the box that appears paste the URL you have just taken from Workflow Max
  • Click "Add Calendar"
  • Your WorkflowMax calendar is visible in Google Calendar.