The 4 best Google apps you might not be using

Google is taking over the internet with interesting and useful tools that do things you never thought possible. Find out more...

It’s no secret that at Kimbley IT we’re in love with the Google Apps suite. And new, world-leading tools are being added all the time. This makes Google the perfect partner for your business; it’s constantly working to keep your team ahead of the game with the best software.

Here are four of our favourite apps, all of which have great new updates...

Google Keep

Google Keep’s cute rainbow ‘post it’ interface let’s you save photos, notes, lists and audio messages, as well as set alarms to remind you to do things. It’s the perfect personal organiser if you want all your notes together, in the Cloud, via computer, phone or tablet. 

If you’re already a fan, did you know that you can now use hashtag labels to link and organise notes?

Google Translate 

Google Translate is a miracle imagined in science fiction. Type in any text (even if you don’t know which language it’s in!) and Google Translate will give a rough translation. If that’s not enough to make you feel like James Bond - the mobile app translates text if you scan it with your camera.

It’s famously no replacement for a professional translator - direct, literal translations can only give you the gist. 

Chrome and Gmail both come with Google Translate baked in those who need the tools at their fingertips.

Inbox by Gmail 

Inbox by Gmail automatically sorts emails into folders, making your workload easier to tackle. Eg, you want to receive newsletters, emails from friends and special offers from Domino’s Pizza - but not while you’re working. 

Inbox by Gmail can also bundle emails about a particular event, for example - so even if the venue changes several times, you’ll know where to find the latest information. 

The tool is so effective that spammers were running scared when it was first released. They feared that if people learned to manage their information better, they wouldn’t be so easy to sell to. 

The latest update? Inbox by Gmail now uses machine learning to sort and build automatic replies for all your emails.

If the spectre of your inbox fills you with dread, this is the perfect tool to help you take control.

Google Alerts 

Is there a particular topic you want to know everything there is to know about? Google Alerts helps you do just that. Tell it what you want to hear about; Tottenham Hotspur, the price of eggs, Cher. If anything is added to the internet with those keywords, you’ll receive an email. 

The technology is simple. The really exciting question is: what will you do with it?

  • You could request alerts on competitors - saving hours of snooping.
  • You could set a ‘vanity alert’ to watch who’s talking about your business - in case a social media troll strikes.
  • You could follow a trending story; particularly one you plan to newsjack.

What now?

Can’t wait to see what Google does next? Google Apps is the perfect partner for your business, now and in the future - and Kimbley IT can help you make the most of it. Contact Kimbley IT for further information today.