Why is the Kimbley IT Service Agreement So Long?

It’s true our service agreement is legendary in the IT support world for its length and detail. Many other IT professionals have openly said they envy the detail we go into and how clear it is for both us and you, the client. It is currently 35 pages in length and that should massively reassure you that you are getting a top rate service, thats been fully inspected and vetted to be fair to both parties. 

Sian Kelly, explains why she picked Kimbley IT and why our lengthy agreement gave her confidence in Kimbley IT.

Many IT companies do not have their own service agreement instead they will ask you to sign a general contract they have downloaded from an industry body or swiped from some other website. Would you sign an agreement that has not be customised to the service you are paying for? I know I would not. The scariest thing is they are not the worse! Some IT support companies won’t offer you any agreement to sign. Where do you stand with those?

The agreement you sign with Kimbley IT is long as we do not use tiny fonts, or complicated sections and phrases. It has been designed to be transparent, so both you and we know where we stand with services your business will be using and the payments you will offer in return. You should be confident in knowing that with such a detailed document you understand what you are getting and how this and that works.  

A service agreement only really exists to be referred to if things were to go badly wrong in the relationship. In an ideal world, both sides would sit down and discuss problems before either side were to slap out the service agreement. But, it exists as a safety net and clarification if it ever has to get called upon.  

Hopefully, the document is never needed, but you can rest safe in the knowledge that it is there guiding you through your partnership with Kimbley IT.