How to save an email in Gmail

Saving an email is a standard requirement in many businesses. Maybe the email is related to a project you are working on, and you want to keep the contents of the email in the same storage area as the rest of the project - so others can view and reference the email.

While G Suite for Business gives you unlimited space to keep all your emails, only you can view the email. With Gmail, you can however save an email by printing it as a PDF and then saving the PDF wherever you wish.

To save an email in Gmail:

  • Open the email you want to save
  • Click the small print icon in the top right of the email
  • A print preview window will open in Chrome
  • Under "Destination" click "Change" and select "Save as PDF"


  • The "Print" button will change to "Save"
  • Click the "Save" button to save the PDF version of your email in a location of your choice