Take your business mobile with Google Apps


Bring Your Own Device is something that’s becoming increasingly popular with employees who want to bring their personal devices to the workplace. Google Apps has everything you need to embrace a BYOD policy.

Ask the analysts at Forrester Research – or just look around you at the office – and the trend is clear. People want to use their own mobile devices for work (in a recent Forrester survey, 53% of employees say they are already doing so). 

People like using new (and presumably better) technology. When they’re using devices they like, they can be more productive. 

Perhaps that’s why more and more IT departments are investigating and actively pursuing so-called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies – frequently, with positive results. 

Reaping the rewards of BYOD

At Specsavers, a growing chain of optician services, workers frequently travel between locations. As devices began to proliferate, the company launched a pilot project deploying Google Apps to 80 key users. 

Soon, the IT department had rolled out Google Apps to 2,500 staff worldwide.

Now, says IT Service Director Nigel Dufty, Specsavers regularly provides field staff with tablet computers. “As long as [they] can connect to Google Apps, they can do 90 per cent of what they need to do – so we’re no longer tied to particular kinds of devices. Google Apps really is the key... to a more mobile workforce.”

Specsavers’s pilot project was an ideal strategy for evaluating cloud-based computing and Google Apps – and demonstrated successfully how BYOD could be worry-free.

James Kimbley