Need to move on? Here is how to end your support agreement.

It is always sad (we think) when a client wants to move on (so far none have), but it is your choice. We’ve tried to made really easy for you to collect your business data and leave. It would be super if you got in touch you might find a reason to stay.

So, how do you go about leaving?

Once your minimum term has expired (you can find this information on your service agreement) all you need to do is give us around 30 days notice that you want to leave. This is so loose ends can be tied up and so that you have time to download your business data or transfer to another support provider. Here is a list of some of the best IT Support providers in Birmingham

To get your G Suite business data you need to use the Google Takeout service. If you are moving to another Google Cloud Partner you will need to generate a transfer token. This can be done by a super administrator on your domain.  The last step is to uninstall all the Kimbley IT agents on your devices; laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

Finally, we hope everything goes well with your new support provider. And, if things don’t work out for some reason get back in touch.