The right tech has the power to be an enabler in your business.

We're a team of web designers in Birmingham and often the line between website development and IT support can be blurred for our broad range of clients. We find ourselves becoming a help desk- my emails won't send, why isn't my laptop working, I can’t get my email on my phone. Not wanting to let our clients suffer, we soon found this taking up a lot of time. Until we met Kimbley IT at a networking event and realised the synergy between our businesses.

James and myself spent more time together, out networking and talking to clients about their problems, being business owners too it’s great to have peer support. We now have studios next door to each other in Birmingham’s creative quarter. The beauty is that when James discovers even more technology that has a business application he’s quick to share and use us as guinea pigs! We learn so much.

Needless to say, Kimbley IT have got us all working seamlessly with Google Apps, I'm often away from the studio but can call in directly to any one’s machine with Google chat, talk or video - ideal for quickly sending telephone messages or joining in on impromptu brainstorms. With the right advice and the right support, technology has the power to be an enabler in your business; it can free up time (to write blogs!) and make business operations smooth. There are big businesses out there with much deeper pockets that don’t have what we have.

You might be wondering how, why, it can't be that easy. It really is simple and easy. As a business owner with a lot of my plate, I feel secure knowing that all my data is safe and I can access it from anywhere. I can’t tell you how much time we've saved without having to manually filter out spam, having everything in one place too and the studio properly networked. The suite of online tools from email to calendars, documents and much more lets you get on with it.

Finding the right IT support can be a minefield but when you find a team that is not only capable but also understands business and can listen to your challenges, it’s an investment that will pay dividends. We found Kimbley IT and haven’t looked back.