BYOD for your Business

Bring Your Own Device


As cloud adoption increases in small business more and more employees will be able to take advantage of 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD).

Naturally this will lower operational costs for small businesses. The work environment will also change. No longer will employees be tied to the office. Now that there is data stored in the cloud they will be able to work from any location on their own device.

For example, rather than a 40 minute morning commute during the rush hour. A employee could work from home on their own device and then leave at a later time after the rush hour. Which would increase their productivity while reducing unnecessary travel time. They'd also get the office a lot quicker!

The Cloud Choices

Of course for a successful BYOD deployment a small business owner will need to pick the correct cloud solution. For the most cost effective and feature rich solution the best option would be a 'Pure Cloud' solution. A Pure Cloud solution only requires a web browser to be installed on a employees device for them to be able to fully connect to their business software. A good example of a Pure Cloud solution is Google Apps for Business.

A lot of small business will be pushed by their IT support providers to go with Microsoft 365. It is important for small business owners to know that 365 is not a cloud solution. It does have some cloud elements but requires expensive software and licenses to be installed on your employees device before getting access to full cloud functionality.

Business Security with BYOD

With a Pure Cloud solution such as Google Apps for Business, detailed reports can be generated showing what work has been completed on each device. And with two step authentication, before a employee is granted access to the system they must enter their password as well as a random 6 digit code that is generated by an app installed on their smartphone. So if they loose their laptop the minimal amount of data stored on the laptop will be secure while the laptop itself can be tracked and also remotely wiped so no sensitive company data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Picking The Right Solution For Your Business

With all the many cloud solutions available from some of the world biggest technology brands (Amazon, Google, SalesForce, Zoho) it can feel like a maze finding a solution that suits your business. Get in contact and we can help you out.