Can Your Employees Work From Home During The Big Freeze?

Today we planned to film a Google Apps client story. However, the 'Big Freeze' currently hitting Birmingham has prevented the filming from going ahead. The producer and cameraman both live in the Alcester countryside and are snowed in. Additionally, our client who we planned to feature in the film have taken the wise decision to work from home this week.

Cloud Computing Made It Possible

A few months ago it would not have been possible for the companies employees to work from home. The company where using Microsoft small business server and Microsoft Office. While it is possible for remote access it would have required a complicated and expensive network to be set up. And a similar complex method for users to connect. In November 2012 we moved the company to the cloud. The biggest change was the introduction of Google Apps for Business to replace Outlook and Office. It took a weekend to set-up. On the Monday after set-up employees where no longer tied to their office. They could easily access company data, emails, calendars and more, securely on their home computers, laptops and mobile devices. 

The 'Big Freeze' currently hitting Birmingham has really proven the value of having a pure cloud computing system. Unlike many small business, our clients employees no longer have to attempt a dangerous commute to the office. The company does not have to shut for the day or run reduced hours. They are able to continue to function as normal. With out loosing any business.

Cloud Computing For Your Business

We have a whole section on out website explaining cloud computing and how it can assist your business. Have a look and get in contact if you want some advice on how 'The Cloud' can help you.

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