Gmail Labs: Google Maps Previews

Google Apps for Business is an ever developing platform with new features and functions added regularly. As a Authorised Google Apps SMB Reseller we get access to these features before our clients. Allowing us to test and deploy features we believed add value to the product and will benefit our clients.

In this series of blog posts we are going to focus on Gmail Labs. Labs are experimental features for Gmail that users can turn on and off at will. We explain labs as:

Kimbley IT Mail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren't quite ready for prime time. They may change,break or disappear at any time.

Some of these lab features add great functionality to Gmail and we turn them on by default. Others are not so great. With these we normally allow them to be optionally turned on by the user or disable them if they add no real benefit.

Google Maps Previews


Google Maps Previews is one of the best lab features. We activate it by default for all Google Apps for Business clients

In business it is common to receive emails with addresses included - where a meeting is going to be held, locations of a clients premises, etc.

Previously, with Outlook you would have to copy the address, open up Google Maps and paste the address. Completely breaking your workflow.

With Google Maps Previews any time you receive an email containing an address or a Google Maps link an expandable box will appear at the bottom of your email with a fully interactive Google Map showing you the exact location.

This feature adds fantastic value to Google Apps for Business and allows you to continue with your workflow with out needing to break out of the application you are currently working with.