Should Your Business Get Office 2013?


Probably not. You will get a new interface to look at but the underlining functions most people use on a daily basis have not drastically improved. In fact, most IT support providers I have spoken to hate the new interface and complain that the new colour scheme makes the program difficult to use.

We stopped recommending Microsoft's Office products many years ago. Microsoft lost its mojo releasing in our opinion very average business products. Recently they have been trying to catch up with mixed results. Windows 8 is a big gamble by Microsoft which we admire and would love for it to pay off but sales are yet to show the gamble has worked.

Microsoft makes most of its money from selling business software licences. Until recently this software was always installed locally on your computer or server. However with the emergence of cloud computing this has changed with small business now using the internet to connect to their business software. Allowing them a lot more freedom at a fraction of the cost of using and purchasing Office.

What Office Suite Should My Business Use Instead?

There are lots of options for small businesses. Ranging from running an office suite locally on your office computers to a cloud based solution.

A excellent office suite which can be installed on your office computers is OpenOffice. Free for both residential and business use it is also compatible with Microsoft Office. It does not have as many features as Microsoft Office. However, we have deployed OpenOffice many times and are yet to have a client complain that it is missing a feature they need. In fact, the majority can't understand why the software is free and would be more than willing to pay for it.

Personally, we would recommend a cloud based solution. It is the future of business computing. The sooner your small business can move to the cloud the easier and cheaper it is. Google Apps, for example offers business email and scheduling, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, publishing and video conferencing for £30/user/year. A lot of companies of varying sizes have and are moving from Microsoft Office to Google Apps. The biggest company based in Birmingham to move from Microsoft to Google Apps is Jaguar Land Rover who made the switch in 2009.

Need Some More Advice?

If your not quite sure what your business should be doing and need a bit more advice you can contact us.