How To Instantly Back Up your Android Photos with Google+

Wouldn't it be great if as soon as you took a photo on your Android device the photo is almost instantly backed up to the cloud. Using the Google+ app for Android you can. And all your instantly uploaded photos are kept in a private album.


What you need to do

- Download the Google+ app from Google Play to your device

- Open the ‘Google+’ app and go to ‘settings’

- Select instant upload and then flick the 'on' switch in the top right

- You’re all set

Next time you take a photo it will instantly be uploaded to your private Google+ photo album.

Back up your previous photos

Additionally, further down in the settings menu you can select ‘Upload now’ to force an upload of your photos. But the bonus here is that this will upload all the photos you have taken that have not been uploaded before. It is even retrospective so photos in your gallery taken before Google+ App was installed will also be uploaded to your private album.

View your instantly uploaded photos on line

Visit Google+ and on the navigation on the left hover your mouse over the 'photos' icon. You will then be able to select and view your instant upload album. With the option to easily share the best.