How to Activate The New Gmail Inbox

Getting your emails under control

Recently Google launched an updated Gmail inbox. This new inbox is designed to put you back in control of the flow of incoming emails.

How it works

At the top of the new inbox are five tabs. Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums.


Gmail will automatically filter your email into these tabs. 

  • Primary - Where email from your contacts and emails addressed directly to you will appear
  • Social - Where emails from social networks will appear
  • Promotions - Typically, emails from retail companies, online shopping will appear under this tab
  • Updates - Receipts, newsletters, bank statements will appear under this tab
  • Forums - Emails from forums that you have joined

In addition to these new tabs you can now also right click on any email to move the email to another tab. Which is really useful for managing false positives. You will find in the first few weeks of using this new feature that some emails may appear in the the incorrect tab while Google learns the types of emails you receive and the best tabs to filter these emails too. Right clicking an email also gives you the option to Archive, Deleted and Mark As Read.

To activate the new email inbox

  • Load up Gmail
  • Click on the 'Settings Cog' (Top right)
  • Click 'Configure Inbox'
  • Set which tabs you want
  • Click 'Save'