Why your small business should outsource IT Support.

Reliable IT is vital for any small business, ensuring they have the software and systems they rely on are always available.

Despite this, many small businesses continue to ‘make-do’ with troublesome IT. In your business, you already know IT problems waste time and money, but a lack of funds forces you to maintain the status quo.

What happens when something does go wrong?

You may be lucky enough to know someone who deals with the basics of computing. But what happens if you have an outage when they are on holiday? No one likes work-related calls on holiday – especially if they don’t even work for your company. 

You may have an office geek tech-savvy employee to help out when things go wrong. But shouldn't they be doing their job, rather than spending time Googling a solution?

For most SMEs, it is neither possible nor practical to hire a full-time IT engineer to resolve these issues either. IT is getting more and more reliable, so having one full- or part-time employee to look after your IT would be costly. As well as the person’s salary, you will need to consider the administrative costs associated with employment. 

The decision to employ an engineer does not make strategic sense either. Typically, one person would not have all the knowledge required to service all the complexities and systems deployed by your business – especially as you are regularly adopting new systems and software. If you’re serious about covering all your bases, you’ll need a team of three to four people to cover everything.

Worse still, many businesses labour under the misconception that outsourcing IT support is unjustifiably expensive. If you can’t afford to employ engineers, and you think outsourcing is too expensive, you have no choice but to support your own IT.

This choice is based on a lie, however – IT outsourcing is not prohibitively expensive. And it’s certainly nowhere near as expensive as hiring an employee, IT support outsourcing is a very smart choice.

Outsourcing IT support for your small business

Don’t just take our word for it - the video below shows what happened when Global Pump and Seal decided to outsource their IT to Kimbley IT.

Also known as a Managed Service Providers (or MSP), these outsourcing partners give you access to the experience and broad knowledge of IT that only a dedicated IT support company can offer. Your employees get access to an IT support help desk staffed by skilled IT technicians who can answer any questions they may have. And your business gets a reliable IT support platform - all for a small monthly fee.

The Cloud is changing the game

Advances in Internet technologies mean that more small businesses than ever are turning to cloud services to reduce overheads and streamline their operations. Robust, enterprise-class platforms further increase stability and reliability, giving you a scalable IT infrastructure on which to build and thrive.

When something goes wrong, the last thing you need is for half of your workforce to be focusing on the problem and neglecting their responsibilities. By outsourcing your IT support, you will be able to concentrate on the core of your business and leave the issue to a qualified IT support staff to correct quickly and efficiently.

Outsourcing your IT Support is the most cost effective and efficient way to give you access to professional, high-quality IT support around the clock.

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