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The Future of Business Computing

Chromebook Computers are the next generation of computer.  Ideal for any small business using Google Apps for Business. With a 8 seconds boot time your employees will be online and accessing your business data much quicker than Windows or Mac counterparts. 

The unique way the computer is designed it is impossible for a virus to infect the computer. If the worst does happen and a chrome devices gets physically damaged all an employee needs to do is sign in with another chrome device and all their work, settings, preferences will reappear just as before.

Engaged Employees

Chrome devices boot in 8 seconds and resume instantly - meaning your employees get to work faster. And with a long battery life, they can work an entire day on a single charge. It's also easy to get connected anytime and anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G.

Easy To Manage

We can configure and manage Chrome devices and your employee accounts centrally. Seamless updates directly from Google keep the operating system and software fresh, eliminating the need to manually patch systems. And since only minimal data is stored on the device, you don’t need to do tedious backups or migrate data when changing hardware.

Security Built In

Chrome devices run the first commercial operating system designed from the ground up to protect against the ongoing threat of viruses and malware. They employ the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, including tab sandboxing, user data encryption, and verified boot. With minimal data stored on the Chrome device, there is little need to worry about a lost or stolen computer.

Dramatically Lower Cost

Chrome devices and the management console automate or eliminate many common, time-intensive IT tasks like machine image creation, application distribution, patching, and upgrades. Additionally, there is no need to purchase licenses for anti-virus, data encryption or data back-up software. 

Painless Migration

Because apps, documents, and settings are not stored on the device, there’s no need to spend time imaging machines or migrating data. Applications can range from the Google Apps productivity suite, including offline features, to custom-built tools running inside your firewall. For the few things that can’t be done through the web, desktop virtualization technology, like Citrix®, can provide access to native-only apps.

One Stop Shop

The Chrome device offering for Business and Education includes the hardware, operating system, updates and cloud-based management - plus complete support. 

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Now your business can have access to high quality video conferencing.

Chromebox for meetings makes having meetings with your colleagues, partners and clients as easy as picking up the phone. Out-the-box integration with your Google Apps for Business suite makes setup easy and benefits your company with  business level video conference for a fraction of the price of traditional solutions.


Meetings with anyone, anywhere

Use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to host professional video conferences with up to 15 participants. You can host a video conference from your work, home or on the road and easily invite your colleague, customers and partners to join.

With one click access you don't have to worry about entering clunky dial-in codes. No sitting and wondering if some else is on the call. With Chromebox for Meetings you instantly connect and collaborate.

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Forget the old projector. Welcome to Chromecast

 Chromecast streaming to the HDTV in a clients meeting room.

Chromecast streaming to the HDTV in a clients meeting room.

Chromecast is a brand new way to present. No longer will you spend 10 minutes finding the correct cable, another ten trying to find the right mode for the projector to work and then finally the only way you can get the projector to focus is by moving it so close to the wall that the actual area of your presentation is tiny. Chromecast changes all that as our clients have already found out.

With Chromecast your can stream to your TV:

  • Presentations, Spreadsheets and Documents
  • Websites
  • YouTube
  • Music and Photos
  • and a whole lot more...

Give your meeting room a modern touch with a new flat screen TV and Chromecast. Stream your presentations, videos, documents easily to your TV with just a touch of a button from your laptop, tablet or mobile.

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