Amazingly intelligent IT services allows you to reduce running costs and efficiently manage and run your business day to day.  


Unlimited IT support for your business.

You will have access to a dedicated Birmingham based IT support team by phone, email and instant messaging.

If you need us there in person the is no extra charge. When problems arise, we help you get backup up and running quickly. 

With IT Support you can carry-on growing safe in the knowledge that you are supported if anything goes wrong with your IT. 

Your IT is monitored around the clock.

Just like you want your car to work without having to understand the combustion engine, you want your IT to be problem free.

By continuously monitoring your technology and looking for problems, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your IT is problem free and secure.

And if you're interested in what we're doing - we can provide you with a breakdown of everything we do to keep you secure!

Integrating the Cloud with your business IT.

With Cloud services, your employees can securely access their emails, appointments and files on any device, anywhere.

Integrating Google's Cloud as the backbone for your businesses technology allows you quickly deploy new services.

Workflow management, team collaboration tools, accountancy packages, stock management, logistics, and hundreds more can get added with ease; as your business needs them.

Keeping your business data secure.

The security of your company data is our top priority. Your business data is secure and accessible for you and authorised users.

Using security technologies such as two-step verification, data encryption, device tracking, internet filtering and world-class data centres run by Google all help to assist in predicting and preventing cyber attacks on your business.

Simple pricing you can understand.  

You believe pricing should be easy to understand — not so complicated that it requires an assessment tool — and it should follow Moore’s law and decrease over time, or deliver added functionality for the same fee.

Your business will get a fixed price service and an easy to follow twelve months IT support agreement. So, you know exactly where you stand.  Get in contact for a quote today.


Watch how we've helped business like yours improve their IT and productivity.

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