A business IT support service; built around G Suite; designed for you the entrepreneurial generation.

Multiple layers of security to keep your work safe.

With a few changes here and there and your businesses data security can be vastly increased.


Good cyber security is about educating your employees on best practices to keep there work, your business and customers data safe.


When was the last time you checked that your business's cyber security is protecting your data, employees, and customers? Good cyber security is about educating your business on the best way to keep your employees, customers and data safe. It rarely requires significant and costly changes, you'll be surprised by how a small change here and there can vastly improve your cyber security.


How your data is protected when you partner with Kimbley IT.


With some small changes here and there you can vastly improve the security of your data. Making it a lot harder for an attacker to gain access and damage your companies systems.

  • Your business data will be protected by a minimum of 5 layers of security, independent of each other.
  • Your devices will get monitored around the clock with managed antivirus - infections will get blocked.
  • Your office and mobile staff will be protected with the most advanced perimeter protection - blocking malware.
  • Your software will automatically get updated to the latest versions, at a time that won't get in the way.
  • Stolen and lost devices will get blocked from access your business data and where possible tracked and remotely wiped.
  • And more advanced cyber-security techniques we don't share online but will happily share with you on a discovery call.

Don't lose sleep at 3am. Don't be filled with fear. Get in contact about your security.

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