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Is Slack right for your business?

Researching all the benefits of using Slack in your business can feel like a big task.

  • Not sure what Slack is? Or how is will help your business?
  • Need advice if Slack will meet your business requirements?
  • Concerned about which of your existing business systems will integrate with Slack?
  • What to know how your internal communications will improve with Slack?

It is not usual to have these questions and more. Changing your internal communications can be worrying. We're here to help you by answering these questions and help you make the correct decision for your business.


Quick deployment of Slack for you business.

It important when deploying and setting up Slack that it carried out efficiently and correctly. Making sure that your public and private channels are accessible to the right employees.

Integrating your current cloud services, such as Google Apps into Slack so your employees can get used to the new platform quickly without the need to read a manual! 

We have helped many businesses deploy Slack and have built procedures and guidelines that we follow to make sure your new deployment of Slack is flawless. 


Support and assistance when your team needs it.

Your journey will be exciting with loads of new ways to communicate to explore. We are with you and the rest of your team all the way. It may just be for a quick chat about how a individualfunction works. Or, guidance on how to do things better.

You and everyone within your organisation are only a phone call, email or instant message away from advice, support and guidance. 

When you do experience any issues, you can rest easy knowing you have access to a wealth of knowledge