Episode 6: No! Google is not letting hundreds of companies read your emails.

Recently there has been a flood of scare /click-bait articles falsely claiming Google is sharing your emails with hundreds of companies.

This is fake news. The articles fail to mention that users have authorised specific add-ons to access their emails to gain added functionality, extract data and better manage their emails.

Now, while there are risks associated to using third-party add-ons James with his decade of experience with G Suite tells you how to avoid the bad add-ons and make an educated decision when selecting which add-ons to use.

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How to manage IT change in your busines.

In this week's episode of The Kimbley IT Podcast; James and Kyle talk about how you should go about changing your businesses IT. What pitfalls there are, and how to spot a good IT company from all the ones you will be requesting proposals. 

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What is business broadband?

In this weeks episode, Kyle and James talk about business broadband, all the options and what is best for your business. Plus there is a little test you can run right now to see how important good broadband is to your business.

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All About The YubiKey

In the first episode of Free Talk Friday on a Monday, James and Kyle discuss business security around using the YubiKey and similar devices and why its beneficial for a business to deploy these security keys.