50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing

We start with the usual weekly recap and what's coming up this week.

In this week's Focus section, we discuss the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing with our own blog post about the technology we all use today that span off from Apollo - https://kimbl.es/2LybfQG

Google's amazing tribute to Margaret Hamilton - https://kimbl.es/2O8hP2f and the Wall Street Journals video piece about the computer error that nearly aborted the Apollo 11 landing - https://kimbl.es/2Ob6IFS

In the news we talk about:

- AI solves Rubik's Cube in one second - https://kimbl.es/2lGn1MV

- 'I kept my multimillion-dollar business secret' - https://kimbl.es/2Yh1nAC

- Pixel 4 phone reveals multiple sensors bezel - https://kimbl.es/32HoeEP

- 5G takeup looks promising for criminal types - https://kimbl.es/32FpSa9

We have a small rant about a bank that claims it is a banking revolution when it really is not - after we moved our business bank account to them.

And we finish up with our weekly entertainment recommendations.