A Really Interesting Episode, Even If We Say So Ourselves

If you've not heard The Kimbley IT Podcast before, this is an episode to start your addiction. It's taken 21 attempts, and now we seem to have mastered the flow of the conversation.

As usual, we recap what we got up to last week. While Kyle was out networking at Be More Birmingham and Digital Glue Breakfast, James was securing clients data after a new weakness in the IMAP protocol had been announced.

This week Kyle will be at the West Midlands Business Growth event. Tomorrow Kyle is at Go Ape, and on Friday James will be visiting Birmingham Social Media Cafe.

We focus on Google's new Priority Page for Google Drive and why the AI it uses makes it is so damn good.

Headlines that captured our attention where; Google Stadia (it's going to disrupt the console industry). The new Apple Credit card announced yesterday and how useful LinkedIn Live Streaming will really be.

James has a rant about Google Tasks. Yes, James does sometimes moan about Google.

And we close off with our Podcast and Netflix recommendations.

Here is the video Kyle referenced - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gR562GW7TI

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