All About Cold Calling

Last week James posted a video to LinkedIn about Cold Calling being a dying marketing tactic. The video got 3K views and really annoyed some cold callers - most who completely missed the point of the video.

In this episode, Kyle and James double down on their viewpoint that cold calling is not for specialist businesses, where a relationship needs to be built and nurtured before you can partner up.

Cold Calling may work in selling generalise products and services, where no relationship is needed, where you are willing to take on any fruitcake that comes your way. It becomes a numbers game, call enough numbers, and you get enough fruitcakes.

However, if you're serious about having a long lasting business, you want to keep away from the fruitcakes and get the perfect truffles which require specialisation, relationship, empathy, and friendship - which you'll never get through a Cold Call.