Why video conferencing is better

In this week's Focus section, we discuss why video conferencing is better than voice conferencing and holding physical meetings. We deviate slightly and talk about plasma televisions of the late 90s and early 2000s

In the news we talk about:

Facial recognition… coming to a supermarket near you - https://kimbl.es/2YDytXC

Deep Minds AI can predict kidney injury two days before it happens - https://kimbl.es/2MP44TS

San Francisco tests out delivery robots - https://kimbl.es/2MR4QzE

Kyle has a very short rant regarding the lack of self-service tills in Lidl.

And we have three recommendations:

An app that lets you hand over spare computing power of your mobile to good causes when you are not using your phone.

And two Netflix documentaries, Kyle thinks you should watch.