IT support for businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands who have a sense of fun while getting work done.

Next Generation IT Support for Your  Business.

IT support in Birmingham and the West Midlands for those businesses who have a sense of fun while getting work done.

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To learn about your business ambitions. Then provide you with fantastic IT & cloud tools that will help you in reaching your goals.

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Award Winning IT Support

Kimbley IT awarded the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award.

No longer do you have to pick and choose from complicated support and technology options.

With Kimbley IT, you get one support package that includes everything your business needs; for one simple monthly payment.

This service is absolutely ideal if you run a business in Birmingham or the West Midlands that has 10 to 50 employees with IT problems you want to remove - have a look below.


IT Support For Your Business

You enjoy your work and want the freedom to do more. Make your tech awesome, partner with us.


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