IT Support created for you, the enthusiastic, fun-loving, on the go, entrepreneurial generation.

IT support created for you; the entrepreneurial generation.

Based in Birmingham and assisting your business wherever you may be.

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Meet James and Kyle; Directors of Kimbley IT.

Photo taken at Google partner event Next 18 in London.

You’re the entrepreneurial generation, and it's your passion to build your business.

Making your company better every day, letting your employees grow and flourish; having fun while getting work done. You don't have time to be held back by inadequate IT wreaking your day; time is valuable.

Imagine what you can do when 95% of your IT support problems disappear? With some unique IT know-how and G Suite sprinkled here and there; this is a real possibility. You'll regain so much time to enjoy what you love doing.

When you become a client, you get an IT support package that includes everything your business needs to have great IT all for one simple monthly payment, ideal if you run a business that has 5 to 50 employees.


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IT support based in Birmingham, West Midlands. 

It's a privilege to provide support, assistance and guidance to so many fun, entrepreneurial companies, busily getting work done. Watch these client stories and see how partnering up with an IT support provider has helped them secure their data, improve productivity, save time and grow their business.

Sian of Inform Accounting explains how Kimbley IT helped increase productivity using technology they already had, but not shown by their previous IT partner.

Alistair from Tomorrow People describes how his business was able to get rid of legacy IT problems and move to modern IT based on G Suite by Kimbley IT.


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