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Google Voice; A New Way to Use Your Office Telephone.

A telephone system that lets you control who contacts you and when they can contact you, leaving you to get on with your work uninterrupted.


Google Voice by Kimbley IT lets you regain control of your telephone.


Google Voice

Google Voice is simple to get started, intelligent to adapt to what you require and great at making your communications a dream to use.

You're deep in concentration, in the flow, producing a significant bit of work; the last thing you need is for your phone to go off - destroying your focus and flow. It can take 20 minutes or more to get back into your rhythm from such a distraction.

What’s different with Google Voice? You keep control of who can contact you and more importantly, when they can contact you. Google Voice links in with your Google Calendar - so when you have something booked on your calendar your phone will automatically go into do not disturb mode.

When someone calls, rather than picking up the phone and going straight into the conversation, Google Voice will tell you who is calling and give the option to answer the call or send the caller to voicemail. You can listen in real time to the caller leaving a voicemail and hit * at any time to jump into the call and voicemail transcription, and audio gets sent to your email.


Your phone number, on all your devices, no matter where you are.


Keep in touch, everywhere

Google Voice lets you make and receive phone calls using your work number, on your mobile phone, desktop computer, desk phone. You are no longer tied to your office desk.


Super simple setup

Voice can be tailored to fit your businesses with an auto attendant so calls can get directed to the right person. Along with easy number generation, porting, and billing.


Smart AI Features

With Google’s AI, spam calls are filtered out, and voicemail gets automatically transcribed and sent to your email and linked to your Calendar to automatically apply to do not disturb mode - letting you focus on what matters.

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Grows with you

Need new numbers? Voice can instantly generate new numbers and be deployed immediately - and globally. No complicated network settings and rules phones simply connect and work.


See Google Voice in Action


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