A business IT support service; built around G Suite; designed for you the entrepreneurial generation.

Seriously Good IT Support and Assistance for your business.

Turns out we are quite good at looking after business tech.


A sense of fun while getting work done.

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James and Kyle

James is the founder of Kimbley IT. Kyle is the Director of Technology at Kimbley IT.

Kimbley IT is an technology agency based in Birmingham that focuses on your business goals, your people and the technology you use. Giving you and your employees the technology you need to make a change in your world; supporting you all the way along your journey.

Any business can take a small step with average tech but, with great tech and support, your company will make a giant leap.

Partnering with Birmingham businesses with around 10 to 50 employees, we ensure your business technology is fun and enjoyable to use while straightforward and powerful enough to let you do your work. 

Founded in 2007 by James Kimbley many businesses across the UK are now partnered with Kimbley IT and have grown with the help of tech support and assistance. To get a head start contact us today with your requirements and we will show you how we can help.


A passion to help you grow your business with the right technology.

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James Kimbley

Founder of Kimbley IT





Kyle Heath

Director of Technology





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The Kimbley IT Podcast is our flagship show, where James and Kyle talk business tech, and what they’ve been upto in the previous week - the show is unscripted so can sometimes go off on a tangent, we think you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

Kyle hosts his own podcast called No Technobabble, where he he sideswipes all the hype and makes technology simple to understand. Subscribe today.

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