IT support for businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands who have a sense of fun while getting work done.

Fantastic IT SUPPORT FOR YOUR Birmingham based Company.

Ideal for businesses with around 10 to 50 employees that have a sense of fun while getting work done. That's the sweet spot.


Superb IT support and assistance for just one simple monthly price.

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Unlimited IT Assistance

You will have access to a dedicated IT team by phone, email and instant messaging. You no longer will need to Google for the solution. Save time and send us a message and we are on to it for you. 

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Around the Clock

With humans monitoring your technology during the day and AI at night; looking for problems, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your IT is problem free and secure.

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Advice and Guidance

With the setup we give you around 95% of your IT problems will vanish. That allows us to spend more time helping and advising you on better ways to use your tech to grow your business.

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Keeping your Data Safe

You will get hacked one day. We promise it. Bet the others weren't this honest! Our job is to keep your data as secure as possible to reduce the damage when that day occurs.

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Integrating the Cloud

Your business will be moved to Google Cloud. Why? Because around 95% of your IT problems will disappear. You'll also be more productive with access to your email, calendars, documents and more all from your mobile or any other device.

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Very Simple Pricing

Simplicity is our passion. The simpler, the easier it is for all involved. Your proposal and billing will be easy to understand and not so complicated that it requires an assessment tool.

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