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IT SUPPORT FOR Birmingham and West Midlands Based Businesses.

Imagine what you can do when 95% of your IT problems disappear?


Say goodbye to around 95% of your IT problems when you adopt our setup. Freeing your time up to enjoy your business.


Unlimited IT Assistance

You will have access to a dedicated Birmingham based team by phone, email and instant messaging. You no longer will need to Google for a solution. Save time and send us a message and we are on to it for you. 


Around the Clock

With humans monitoring your technology during the day and AI at night; looking for problems, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your IT is problem free and secure.


Advice and Guidance

With the setup we give you around 95% of your tech problems will vanish. That allows us to spend more time helping and advising you on better ways to use your tech to grow your business.


Keeping your Data Safe

You will get hacked one day. We promise it. Bet the others weren't this honest! Our job is to keep your data as secure as possible to reduce the damage when that day occurs.


Integrating the Cloud

Your business will be moved to Google Cloud. Why? Because around 95% of your IT problems will disappear. You'll also be more productive with access to your email, calendars, documents and more all from your mobile or any other device.


Very Simple Pricing

Simplicity is our passion. The simpler, the easier it is for all involved. Your proposal and billing will be easy to understand and not so complicated that it requires an assessment tool.


How much does IT support cost?



Simple Per User Per Month Pricing. Price Excludes VAT.

Don't you hate it when you find an ideal service that you'd love to take up, but have to contact a sales team to find out the price? It adds an unneeded extra layer of friction to a service you want, you like. We also hate this tactic, so we've laid out our pricing.

Its £56 per user per month and everything your business needs is tied to this price. Yep! You're right there are always others that will do it cheaper (here's a list), but naturally the quality of the service is compromised. If you can afford us, you'd be mad not to go with us. Your call.

Nothing is hidden, and there are no extra charges, so if you have between 5 and 50 employees and your business tech is kind of rubbish, apply to become a client - it would be fantastic to help you and turn your business IT around so that it is a modern enterprise, ready for the future.

What do you get for £56/User/Month?

  • Quick access to as much support and assistance as you need.

    You get unlimited software support and assistance. Each member of your team will be supported on whatever device they choose to use. Maybe a mobile, tablet, laptop, a good old-fashioned desktop or a combination.

  • Modern instant message based assistance.

    Forget emailing and raising a support ticket! It is easy for your team to reach out to us when they need help, using instant messaging; have an effortless chat with us and get a quicker than email answer.

  • Regular monthly visits to your office.

    Your team will get to know us through monthly visits, to check everything is OK and to find out about any tech frustrations they may have, that we can solve for them.

  • Your technology monitored around the clock.

    Shit happens. Usually at an inconvenient time. Using specialised software our systems will continuously monitor your technology; looking for problems.

  • Security to keep your data safe.

    You will get hacked one day. We promise it. Bet the others weren't this honest! Our job is to keep your data as secure as possible to reduce the damage when that day occurs. We will deploy a mixture of software based and hardware based layers of security, along with training your employees on dangers to spot. We will tell you more about the security we use when we meet. We don't want the bad guys to know what we do to protect you.

  • The best web based email inbox for your business.

    More than email. Gmail works on any computer or mobile device with a data connection and offline support lets you keep working even when you're disconnected. Whether you're at your desk, in a meeting or on a plane, your email is there.

  • An intelligent calendar to manage your schedule.

    Organise your day with Calendar and get event reminders on your phone or in your inbox. Attach files or documents to your event so that you have the right materials when your meeting starts.

  • Unlimited storage to save all your files.

    Cloud based document storage for your business. Google Drive on your Mac, PC or mobile device (or your browser) gives you a single place for up-to-date versions of your files from anywhere. Share and collaborate files or whole folders with individuals, your entire team or even customers and partners. Edit Microsoft Office documents without the need for expensive licenses.

  • Face to face video calls with dial in numbers.

    Hangouts allows you and your colleagues to hold online video meetings with up to 25 participants. You can start the session directly from Gmail or schedule a meeting in Calendar and then join from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Hangouts are great for connecting with people outside your business, like partners and customers. Go beyond conversation and get real work done in a hangout. Give a presentation with screen sharing or add a document from Drive so your team can edit together.

  • GDPR compliant data management.

    We do our utmost to be as compliant as possible when handling your data. You can ask at any time to see our processes, what data we hold about you or your business. We'll also happily advise you on how to make your business as GDPR complaint as possible.

  • Why can we only get rid of 95% of your IT problems?

    Printers and users, each will have an off day, hopefully not at the same time.

  • And more...

    Yes, there is even more that you get for £56/User/Month. Book a no-obligation discovery meeting with us to find out, fill in the form below.


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Watch how Inform Accounting got rid of their IT problems when they partnered with Kimbley IT.

Inform Accounting no longer have to pick and choose from complicated support options. With Kimbley IT, they get one support package that includes everything Sian's business needs; unlimited IT support and assistance, cloud email, documents and collaboration with the software licenses thrown in; for one simple monthly payment. It is a service that's absolutely ideal if you run a business in Birmingham or the West Midlands that has 5 to 50 employees with IT problems you want to get rid - you should get in touch.