Birmingham based business IT support built around G Suite designed for you the entrepreneurial generation.

One IT support package, everything included. £68/Employee/Month.

With IT Support by Kimbley IT, you get one support package that includes everything your business needs.

Unlimited IT support and assistance, cloud email, documents and collaboration with G Suite licences thrown in; for one simple monthly payment.

This service is ideal if you run a business that has five to fifty employees with IT problems you want to remove - you should get in touch.


What do you get for £68/Employee/Month?



Simple Per Employee Per Month Pricing. Price Excludes VAT.

Its £68 per employee per month (ex VAT) not a penny more. Nothing is hidden, and there are no extra charges. You get everything your company needs for one simple price.

So, if your business has around five to fifty employees and your IT isn’t up to much and clearly isn’t helping you get more stuff done, you should apply to become a client! It would be fantastic to help you turn your business IT around!

Have a look below; click and expand to see everything you get.

  • + You get unlimited support and assistance

    You get unlimited software support and assistance. Each member of your team will be supported on whatever device they choose to use. Maybe a mobile, tablet, laptop, a good old-fashioned desktop or a combination.

  • + You get instant message support when you need it

    Forget emailing and raising a support ticket! It is easy for your team to reach out to us when they need help, using instant messaging; have an effortless chat with us and get a quicker than email answer.

  • + You get regular visits to your office

    Your team will get to know us through regular visits, to check everything is OK and to find out about any tech frustrations they may have, that we can solve for them.

  • + You get your technology monitored around the clock

    Problems do happen. Usually at an inconvenient time. Using specialised software our systems will continuously monitor your technology; looking for problems.

  • + You get G Suite productivity tools

    G Suite is Google's productivity suite. It comes with Gmail, used by 2.5 billion people globally! Google Calendar, Google Drive to store, share and collaborate on all your documents - with unlimited space and full compatibility with Microsoft Office. Plus with Google Hangouts, your team gets instant messaging (like Slack). And with Google Meet you can host video calls, presentations, with dial-in numbers for those that are camera shy.

  • + You get daily unlimited data backups

    We take a snapshot of every user account every single day of the year. Backing up all their data, no matter the size; you never pay extra. We can restore data, or your team can use the self-service area to get their data back, whatever they prefer.

  • + You get WiFi and connectivity management

    No more buffering... Your business WiFi and broadband services will be looked after, set up and monitored. Your employees won't be able to go on a porn cruise on a Friday afternoon (when everyone is out of the office) as our magic web filters will prevent them. While protecting them from inappropriate material, such as gambling, illegal, self-harm, racism, sexism and more.

  • + You get a 4G backup broadband service

    Business broadband is pretty stable; it does not often fail. But, all it takes is for someone to slice the cable to your building for you to be in a world of hurt. We provide you with a 20GB 4G backup broadband line for just such emergencies.

  • + You get security to keep your data safe as can be

    You will get hacked one day. We promise it. Bet the others weren't this honest! Our job is to keep your data as secure as possible to reduce the damage when that day occurs. We will deploy a mixture of software based and hardware based layers of security, along with training your employees on dangers to spot. We will tell you more about the security we use when we meet. We don't want the bad guys to know what we do to protect you.

  • + You get a Cyber Essentials approved And certified service

    With Cyber Essentials approved and certified (Certificate no: IASME-A-05598) by the National Cyber Security Centre, we can educate your team and business to avoid common cyber threats.

  • + You get GDPR compliant data management and handling

    We do our utmost to be as compliant as possible when handling your data. You can ask at any time to see our processes, what data we hold about you or your business. We'll also happily advise you on how to make your business as GDPR complaint as possible.

  • And you get more...

    Yes, there is even more that you get for £68/User/Month. Book a no-obligation discovery meeting with us to find out, fill in the form below.


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