How Inform Accounting uses Cloud Services tied with IT Support to improve the service they offer clients.

Based in Sutton Coldfield, Inform Accounting are a provider of accounting services and business advice for businesses across the Midlands, and the rest of the UK. More than simply offering bookkeeping and tax returns, Inform Accounting also provide Cloud accounting to their customers, using the Xero accounting platform.

The problem

Having realised the potential of Cloud systems some years ago, the Inform Accounting team were early adopters of Cloud-based services like G Suite. As the business grew, so too did their reliance on these Cloud platforms.

As new Cloud technologies emerged, Inform were keen to adopt early, allowing them to maintain their position as a tech-savvy business industry leader. However, it quickly became apparent that their IT support provider was unable to keep pace with Inform’s requirements.

“Whether we were logging a support call, or submitting a change request, it would take several days before an engineer visited our office,” Sian Kelly, owner of Inform Accounting said, “Problems were not being solved quickly – and our development plans had to keep going on hold because our provider didn’t have the skills or knowledge to help us achieve those goals.”

Further analysis of the Inform systems suggested that key security settings had been overlooked, increasing the risk of data loss or theft.

The solution

Inform declined to renew their support contract, with their existing IT support provider instead making the move to Kimbley IT. Instantly, the situation improved.

“If we ever run into IT problems, a quick Google Hangout message to Kimbley is enough to get the support process rolling,” said Inform employee Hannah Hickling, “Within minutes a support engineer is online, giving instructions on how to fix the problem. The team are not only available, but their depth of knowledge means that issues are resolved very quickly.”

“And if we need someone to come into the office, Kimbley IT are there within hours,” adds Sian.

Kimbley IT also helped Inform to reconfigure their G Suite and LastPass Enterprise deployment, raising security standards and helping to better protect clients and their sensitive data. And making it easier to strengthen and manage all their passwords.

The outcomes

The dramatic improvement in response times has helped the Inform team raise productivity – no more sitting around for hours (or days) waiting for an engineer.

Perhaps more importantly, Inform has been able to press ahead with their plans to improve the service they offer clients using Cloud platforms. The superior knowledge and experience of the Kimbley IT team provides a perfect springboard for Inform to build on. They were even able to win the Xero Accounting Partner of the Year award.

The Inform Accounting experience is not unusual – you can read more Kimbley IT customer success stories here. Alternatively, get in contact to discuss your IT needs and goals and how we can help.