IT Support Is Not About Tech It's About Your People.

Nearly every business owner makes the same mistake and associates IT support with computers and services.  A wrong association to make. Modern computers and services, don't go wrong.  If you place a computer in the corner of your office and it will run for years. Typically, without any problems. 

So why do business still report so many IT problems?


Our experience is that most small businesses have deployed services (software) that do not match their business requirements.  Furthermore, these businesses also offer zero training to employees. Hoping that the employee will figure out the best way to use them. 

I am yet to come across a small business that offers IT training to their employees; most hope the employee will work it out. Without any consideration for the employee's wellbeing - when a computer is not doing what it should, it can be a very stressful experience, increased with an impending deadline. Not only does this knock your employee's confidence, it drastically reduces their productivity. 

It is vital that your business is using services that suit the needs of the company, rather than blindly going with legacy software such as Microsoft Office.

Look, when it comes to IT it is fair to say, you're not very good at it. You'd not be reading this article otherwise. So you probably want to know what you can do to improve your business's experience with IT.

Working out why your IT is having problems.

It's simple; you need to get advice. If you were to approach Kimbley IT, we'd be talking to you about, your people, they are the real cause of your computer issues. Working out why these problems are occurring: 

  • Is it because your business is using services that are not right for your type of work? 
  • Is there a better service you can be moved too? 
  • Are the services fine, but your people need training? 
  • Are you hiring the wrong type of people?

Without knowing the answers to the above questions, you can not get a solution that removes your IT issues. It is about your people, not your IT.

If you want help and advice in getting IT that works for your employees, get in contact.