How To Sign Into Google Chrome

Click “Turn on sync…”

Click “Turn on sync…”

Google Chrome is a fantastic web browser. with many extensions and features. The one feature we most often see overlooked is the built in synchronisation and backup which is activated when you sign into the browser.

Why should I sign Into Chrome?

By signing into Chrome you have the option to activate the browsers most powerful features. Not only can you now install extensions. But you now have the option to back-up and synchronise your browser data between computers and smartphones.

If you you use G Suite for work all the extensions and settings you need to access your work data will be automatically setup in Chrome when you sign in.

How Do I Sign into Chrome?

Click “Link Data” if you use a G Suite account.

Click “Link Data” if you use a G Suite account.

  • Click on the silhouette in the Chrome menu bar (As shown in the picture).

  • Then click "Turn on sync…".

  • A new screen will appear; enter your login details

  • If you’re a business user using G Suite you need to click “Link data” when the option appears.

  • Finally, you will be asked if you want to “Turn on sync?” Click Turn on.

  • You are now fully signed into Chrome.