Learn how Kimbley IT helped Global Pump & Seal build an IT platform to support their 5 year growth plan

Based in Bromsgrove, Global Pump & Seal has been supplying and maintaining industrial pumps for more than 35 years. The team also provide a range of supporting services, including consultancy, site visits and surveys.

The Challenge

With a five-year growth plan in place, Global Pump & Seal were concerned that their current IT provisions were insufficient. Worse still, they had experienced technical problems with their email and other systems that brought the company to a halt.

The management team were also unhappy with their current IT support provider, who they felt were too slow to fix problems. With their existing partner taking 2-3 days to resolve issues, the team were offline and unable to work for extended periods of time.

“We had issues where we couldn’t get emails, or couldn’t print,” explains David Smith, Global Pump & Seal’s Managing Director, “so we had to find a solution.”

It was clear that their current provider was unable to provide the service, support, or level of technical knowledge their 5-year plan required.

The Solution

Global Pump and Seal took the decision to partner with a new support provider – Kimbley IT. Global’s management team were convinced that Kimbley IT would deliver a higher quality of service more quickly than they had received previously. 

One of the first tasks was to overhaul the existing IT systems, to prevent outages. Kimbley helped migrate systems and data into the G Suite ecosystem, reducing reliance on ageing hardware in the Global offices. 

G Suite by Kimbley IT uses Google’s own data centres to deliver email and smart collaboration tools that allow Global Pump employees to access business data on any device. As a result, Global’s team have been able to develop new ways of working without being limited by their IT hardware.

The Outcome

Global Pump & Seal now has a future-proof IT system that will scale automatically as their business grows. And with the assistance of Kimbley IT, they now have access to support resources they need to resolve issues quickly.

Over the past six months, Kimbley IT has helped Global save money by significantly reducing downtime
— Dave Smith - MD Global Pump and Seal

Global’s employees are now able to contact Kimbley for support whenever they need it using the Google Hangouts tool; 
“If we have a problem I can message Kimbley IT, and they solve the problem and sort the problem” says David.

Over the past six months, Kimbley IT has helped Global save money by significantly reducing downtime. David is unequivocal, simply stating “Our productivity has gone up.”

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