Policy: Why we don't add users to Shared Drives

When we first migrate a business to Google Drive and specifically Shared Drives (previously known as Team Drives), we recreate as closely as possible the original sharing permissions. So, if Jon had full access to the Finance folder, he will have full access to the new Finance shared drive.

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We grant access to data during this initial phase as we have an approved blueprint from the business which we can replicate. So only the correct individuals have access to the right data in the new system.

Once the initial migration is over, we no longer get involved with giving users access to Shared Drives. The responsibility of providing access and granting permission levels to Shared Drives is now the responsibility of your business. And the specific individuals inside your company who you have trusted to share the right data with the right people with the appropriate level of access.

The reason we no longer get involved with granting access to Shared Drives and issuing levels of permission is due to the time it takes to verify a request. It is simply quicker for your employees to manage these request inside your business.

An example would be if Sally from your Design Team contacted us to request access to the HR shared drive. The HR shared drive is likely to contain highly sensitive information; we are in no place to be able to grant this request without verification. Only someone from your HR department in your organisation can verify if Sally should have access and to what level of access Sally should get. We will, therefore, reject the request and advise Sally to contact the Manager of that Shared Drive to request the Manager of that shared drive to grant Sally the appropriate level of access required.

Google Drive is built around collaboration; Shared Drives are simple to set up, share with collaborators and give permission levels to each user. If your employees are struggling to manage Shared Drives, we will advise you to book a refresher Google Drive training session.