How to have a seamless migration to G Suite

One of the requirements for partnering with us is that your business moves from Microsoft Office to G Suite. We understand that moving from one service to another can be challenging an most likely will become a failure if it is not managed correctly. 

The tech side of the migration will look after itself, it is actually the least important part. Tech does what it is told and never argues back. What you need to focus on and what we help extensively with is managing your employee expectations. We have learnt the hard way over the decade we have been helping business improve productivity by moving to G Suite by Kimbley IT.

In the past, we'd not focus on managing users expectations as well as we could, and had a few mini uprising and rebellions take place by employees against G Suite. Learning from these mistakes was important and we have now developed along with Google a migration plan to G Suite that works really very well, each and every time.

The video below by Google describes the migration process we use to help you move your business to G Suite. As your IT partner, we will customise and modify the plan based on your business size, requirements and timeframes and when it is implemented it works perfectly every time.