Use Google Drawings to make Flowcharts, Network Diagrams and More...

G Suite is full of productivity tools. Some are well known, such as Gmail and Google Drive. However, there are loads of applications part of G Suite which you have probably missed.

Google Keep is a great note-taking application available on the web and as an application for your mobile, with a handy Chrome extension. Hangouts Meet is excellent for holding video calls, webinars and more - we use it to record the Kimbley IT Podcast. Anyone can join a call with no need for a Google user account.

Google Drawings is one of these hidden apps - located under the "more" option in Google Drive new creation menu unless your adventurous or have got told about Google Drawings you've probably never come across the application.

Using Google Drawings you can quickly create visuals for a project - maybe you need to outline a process for your team to follow when onboarding a new customer - for this you could create a flow chart in Google Drawings guiding team members on the correct procedure to follow.

Are you moving to a new office? With Google Drawings, you could create a layout of the new office, so everyone knows where they will be sitting in the new office, where the kitchen is, fire exits and more. We have found designing basic office layouts fantastic for our networking team to know precisely where network ports should get located when they carry out a network installation.

Your imagination only limits the drawings you can create, and once your masterpiece is finished, it is easy to share with your team, insert into a Google Doc or send to someone as a PDF.